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Passenger FAQ

1. What does it cost to join ChartWind?
It is free to join ChartWind. ChartWind charges your credit card $400 if you find a flight through us. Register online and start requesting flights.

2. Am I guaranteed a return flight?
No, you must request a return. There is no guarantee of availability with the same company or another. This is on demand one way charter. You can request the return and wait for quotes.

3. How expensive is Private Charter?
Private charter is expensive. Split up among all of the passengers, it is still more expensive than a round trip first class ticket. The benefits are departure from a quiet private airport, no security checks, free parking at the airport, no connections, do not need to arrive one hour plus before departure. Private comfortable flight. You must have proof of identity. Please, serious inquiries only.

4. Am I guaranteed a flight through Chartwind?

No, ChartWind sends your request out to numerous registered charter companies and they quote a price to you. If you accept, ChartWind puts you in direct contact with the Charter carrier. If no Charter companies quote a flight, then there is not a company willing to bid.

5. Will I save money if I check the "empty leg " box only?

Yes, it is possible you will save money. It depends if empty legs are available and in the area. Many times it will be a full charter price quote. The charter companies quote the price and you decide to accept the bid or not.

6. Is the price negotiable after I select a company?
No, you have accepted this price and the charter company expects you to pay the quoted amount.

7. Are there extra charges on top of the quoted price?
It is possible that there are extra charges. Taxes, Any catering and any damages over and above wear and tear caused by the customer. Once a flight is accepted and you are in touch with the charter company directly, those details can be worked out.

8. If I decide after I accept the quote that I am not going to take the flight, am I liable for any charges?
The charter company has its own policy and you should be aware of their policies on cancellations. It depends on how far you commit. It is your responsibility to complete the deal with the charter company. If you cancel with notice and the charter company is not harmed, ChartWind will return your $400.00 fee.

9. When I request a charter, will the departure time be exactly what I requested?
Possibly, but the charter company can quote the price for different departure times on the same day. It is your choice to decide if a different departure time on the same day works for you.